You’ve Been Boo’d Caddy

You've Been Boo'd

Are You Looking for October-Based FUN & GAMES?  Have You Ever Heard About BOO-ing (I am NOT referring to negative commentary in the stands!) Your Friends, Family or Colleagues?

Oh, You Must Give This Play Call an Official Try-out Because You Have Not had TRUE FALL FUN Unless You Have Been BOO’d & Done the Same to Someone Else!


🙂 Here’s How It Works

1 Get Your Favorite College Desk Caddy Helmet (It’s really fun if the recipient has an Opposing Team Favorite) 😉
2 Decorate and Fill the Helmet with Ghoulish Goodies
3 Print out the “You’ve Been Boo’d” – I recommend leaving the message in the Business Card Slot of the Desk Caddy
4 Now, comes the REAL FUN!!! Go to the END ZONE of the one you want to BOO, and without getting a SAFETY (in other words, DO NOT GET CAUGHT in their END ZONE), leave the Boo for THEM to find!
5 Be Sure to include the “You’ve Been Boo’d” rules and LET the GAMES begin!






Get Your Favorite Football Team’s Helmet Caddy Today and Kick-off Fall with a FAN-tastically Fun Play Call!!


 Additional pictures of the Football Helmet Caddy

Football Helmet "Boo" Caddy

You've Been Boo'd Caddy

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