Mississippi Bulldogs Snack Helmet

Mississippi State Bulldogs Snack Helmet
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Mini Helmet Desk Caddy.com Proudly Presents

the Honorary Walk-On

Mississippi Bulldogs Snack Helmet!!!


Player Demographics
Name Mississippi Bulldogs Snack Helmet
Height (Inches) 10
Width (Inches) 9.25
Depth (Inches) 12
Net Weight (lbs) 1 (Empty)
Gross Weight (lbs) Depends On Snack-a-licious Options Inside
Position Defensive Safety * (Microwave & Dishwasher Safe)
Special Teams Options *Either 1 Undivided (Racing) OR 2 Divided (Facemask) Trays

1 Large Container (Helmet)

Talents Impressive Snacking and Excessive Team Celebrations

* Indicates Dishwasher & Microwaveable Parts!

From Team Traditions, Tailgating, and Game Day Rituals (like wearing your Lucky Shirt, Underwear, & Socks) to Excessive Celebration & Super Snacking, your Mississippi Bulldogs Snack Helmet is a FAN-tastic addition to your Game Day TEAM Spirit.


Get Yours Today & Share Your Snack-a-licious Faves (or NOT–they might be just too good to Share)   😉


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