Collegiate Trimmer & Grooming Caddy

Mini Helmet Desk Caddy_Grooming Caddy
Trimmer & Razor Caddy

Let’s Call A Clean Game!!!

With 4 razor-welding individuals in my home.  My Texas Tech Mini Helmet Caddy functions as a FAN-tastic Trimmer & Grooming GEAR organizer.  The slotted back (designed for holding business cards) is PERFECT for tweezers, small scissors, nail clippers, and fingernail files.  The removable center container easily stores all of our razors and the Wahl’s Mini Beard Trimmer.

Keep Trimming & Grooming Gear Neatly Huddled in the Collegiate-Themed Helmet Caddy & Take Your Gameplay to the Next Level of Pristine Sharpness.

From straight razors and beard trimmers to clippers, scissors and MORE, the Mini Helmet Desk Caddy is a great Trimmer/Razor Caddy.

Plus, for all those clean FAN-atics out there, you have nothing to FEAR in the END ZONE because the center container easily removes and can be cleaned using soap, water and air-dry time. I prefer to use a Clorox Wipe to clean the outside of the helmet, but feel free to give your caddy some CHARACTER by using a more abrasive cleaning cloth/scrubber–It’s ALL FUN & GAMES!!!

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Below, I have provided a picture and a list of the contents for my Texas Tech Helmet Trimmer & Grooming Caddy.

If you have any questions or would like to share your own ideas for your NCAA mini helmet desk caddy, please leave a comment below.

Trimmer/Grooming Caddy



  1. Razors x3
  2. Wahl Mustache/Beard Mini Trimmer
  3. Tweezers (stored in the slotted area designed for business cards)
  4. Grooming Scissors (stored in the slotted area designed for business cards)
  5. Nail Clippers (stored in the slotted area designed for business cards)


College football and everything inspired by the sport can be enjoyed almost anywhere in the home.  The bathroom is no exception.  From NCAA logo Bath Mats, Decorative Towels, and even Toothbrushes, your Mini Helmet Desk Caddy is a FAN-tastic addition to any collegiate-themed bathroom.

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