Collegiate Toothbrush Caddy

Texas Tech Toothbrush Caddy
Toothbrush Caddy

The Mini Helmet Desk Caddy is a FAN-tastic Toothbrush Caddy for any College-Themed Bathroom.

Simple, unique and functional, the desk caddy easily organizes toothbrushes, tubed-toothpaste, and other toiletries.

I have been accused of being a “neat freak” by my husband.  One of the best features of the mini helmet desk caddy is the removable center!

As a mother of two kids and a wife, I am often challenged by dirt, grime, and residue.  With the mini helmet desk caddy, I can EASILY manage residual toothpaste droplets (sometimes globs of toothpaste), water spots, and grime by removing the center container and washing it in warm, soapy water, and let it dry like a cup!

Okay, I admit it–there’s a little urge to use a soft Clorox wipe to the outside as well just to TACKLE any ENCROACHMENT of germs in my ZONE of cleanliness.  Point being, I wash it like a cup, have the peace of mind that comes with being clean, organized, and still boast my RED RAIDER pride!

I love football, organization, and cleanliness.  Therefore, using my Texas Tech Mini Helmet Desk Caddy to store and organize my bathroom essentials is “practically perfect in every way” 😉


Below, I have provided a picture and a list of the contents for my Texas Tech Helmet Toothbrush Caddy.

If you have any questions or would like to share your own ideas for your NCAA mini helmet desk caddy, please leave a comment below.

Mini Helmet Desk Caddy-Toothbrush Caddy




  1. Battery-Powered Toothbrushes x2
  2. Regular Toothbrushes x2
  3. Toothpaste
  4. Grooming Scissors
  5. Nail Clippers
  6. Tweezers


College football and everything inspired by the sport can be enjoyed almost anywhere in the home.  The bathroom is no exception.  From NCAA logo Bath Mats, Decorative Towels, and even Toothbrushes, your Mini Helmet Desk Caddy is a FAN-tastic addition to any collegiate-themed bathroom.

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