Collegiate Helmet Kitchen Caddy

Collegiate Helmet Kitchen Utensil Caddy
Kitchen Utensil Caddy

Declare your Home Field Advantage  and Use your NCAA Mini Helmet Desk Caddy to organize your cooking gear!

Regardless of your Kitchen Savvy Skills, you need certain cooking essentials to successfully THROW a Winning Touchdown or Football Frenzy Party.  Now you can impress your fans and organize your cooking essentials in your Favorite Mini Helmet Football Desk Caddy!

Easily Organize your Kitchen Gear & Create Game Day Favorites from Nachos, Buffalo Wings, and Chips & Dips, to your most Outrageous Out-of-Bound Snacks like Football Apple Pies, Pig Skin Sandwiches, or Quarterback Calzones while supporting your FAVORITE Team!  That’s right, you can use your Mini Helmet Desk Caddy as a Kitchen Caddy–PERFECT for a dormitory or an apartment!

Here is a list of contents Huddled in my Texas Tech Helmet Desk Caddy. However, you can achieve your Optimal FAN-tastic experience by creating your own Super Kitchen Caddy Combo for you or someone else!

Center Container Contents

Pampered Chef Mini Serving Spatula

Pampered Chef Classic Scraper

Pampered Chef Basting Brush

Mini Wire Wisk

Mini Ladle Spoon

Business Card Slotted Area Contents

Pampered Chef Measure-All Tablespoon

Pampered Chef Measure-All Teaspoon

🙂  Please NOTE:  I am NOT a Pampered Chef Consultant or Affiliate!  I personally LOVE their products and have purchased A LOT of their kitchen items, but I am NOT trying to sell Pampered Chef (I just want to let you know where I got my Kitchen Caddy Combo Contents! 😉

 Choose Your  Own Audible Play Call!


Go, Fight, Win!!!



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