Collegiate Helmet Candy Caddy

Collegiate Candy Caddy

Everyone loves a great half-time show! Now you can create a FAN-tastically awesome show by using your Favorite Collegiate Team Helmet Desk Caddy to huddle your Fans’ All-Time Favorite Treats.

Whether you are attempting a successful football-themed birthday party or reminding someone you adore them Just Because of who they are, fill your NCAA Helmet Desk Caddy with their favorite candy/treats and don’t forget to use the business card slotted area to personalize your gifts with a special message!

Collegiate Desk Caddy Helmets are the PERFECT party favor, unique serving container (not too big, and not too little) to tackle every kind of candy play call favorite, or Just-Because Gift idea.

You can also use your Desk Caddy Helmets to huddle HEALTHIER Party Favors and Just Because Gifts by filling the center container with granola bars, Larrabars, or chilled fruit if your party goes all night long and you wake the next morning ready to End Your Sleep Over Half-Time Show with Spectacular Team Swag.

Themed, Unique and Eye-Catching, the Collegiate Candy Caddy Helmet will be a FAN-favorite every time!

Get Yours Today & Successfully End any Party or Start A New Just-Because Half-Time Tradition.


  1. What a great resource on sports! very interesting information shared here. I’m a terrible football fan and so the information that you have shared here will be of great help.

    Please continue helping people with such important resources, I will bookmark your site right away, in order to enable me to make future follow up of your future editions.


    • Hi Jose,

      Football is so much fun–probably because of the food, highs/lows, and my love to VOICE my opinion is a LOUD sometimes SARCASTIC fashion. I love both NFL and College football so this website is totally fun for me–I guess my way of being a FANtasy Football Player without the stress of creating a FANtasy Football Team–I get to highlight them all! I am honored to have you bookmark my site and I highly recommend visiting the Walk-on’s because each one has a different SNACK-a-licious recipe! From Salty to Sweet it’s all there!

      Cheers My Friend,


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