Collegiate First Aid Helmet Caddy

Collegiate First Aid Helmet Caddy

 Injury on the Field!!! It’s An Official Time OUT ?

From Simple Cuts, Scrapes, and Abrasions,  to Splinters, Mosquito Bites, and Hang Nails, Your Collegiate Mini Helmet Desk Caddy comes in handy as a First Aid Caddy!

No one likes an injury–even simple papercuts (I think those are the worst), but keep simple first aid gear huddled for those spur of the moment injuries.

Treat your Injured Player and Get them Back into their Game.

 Here is a contents list for the First Aid Caddy I assembled; however, be creative and make your own play call when it comes to you and your players’ needs. ?


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Center Container Contents

Neosporin Antibiotic + Pain Relief OintmentFirst Aid Caddy

New Skin Liquid Bandaid

Benadryl Itch Relief Stick

Magnifying Glass


Eucerin Moisturizing Spray


First Aid Caddy (Back View)Slotted Back Container



Nail Clippers

Alcohol Swabs


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