About Shawna

Welcome Sports Fans,IMG_0656

My name is Shawna and I absolutely LOVE football and baseball season.  You just can’t beat the positive excitement and fun that accompanies tailgating, gameday parties, fantasy football, and friendly rivalries.

I am a Texas Tech, Texas Rangers, and Dallas Cowboys fan (3 guesses as to which State I am from 🙂  ).

This website was inspired by my LOVE for both NCAA FOOTBALL, NFL FOOTBALL, MLB BASEBALL, and a PASSION for CREATIVE GIFTS that are both UNIQUE and USEFUL

Now, I can share my ideas and express my FAN-TASTIC Team Spirit by displaying my Favorite Texas Tech and Texas Rangers desk caddy helmets in a variety of ways–including designating myself as the official remote control operator by keeping the remote next to me in my Mini Helmet Desk Caddy.

Enjoy browsing and choosing your FAVORITE team(s) desk caddy helmet while getting FAN-tastically inspired gift ideas for all occasions.


I recommend getting your FAVORITE team(s) desk caddy helmet today and taking Your TEAM SPIRIT to the next level!

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